What is Urinalysis?

Human body discharges its waste through urination. Substance not supposed to be in urine may appear in urine due to an illness. This is why we can obtain information on what it going on inside the body by examining urine. The urine test is one of excellent tests that does not cause much stress to the body.

Conditions detected by urinalysis

Various items are examined by urinalysis including urine protein, urine sugar and urine occult blood. Urine urobilinogen and urine pH can also be checked.

If urine protein is positive (+), there is a possibility of kidney disease, bladder tumor, blood disease and other various diseases. When urine sugar is positive (+), it is sometimes caused by diabetes. High glucose is detected in urine when glucose reabsorption cannot keep up as blood sugar is too high. It can also be caused by renal function decline (decline in glucose reabsportion ability). In addition, urine sugar may become positive due to stress and other diseases. Every item tested can show possiblities of various conditions.

Urine protein positive (+) is often seen

Urine protein may be detected by urinalysis even for those without any illness. For example, urine protein can be caused by intensive exercise, bathing, orthostatic proteinuria (urine protein is detected when standing up but undetected when lying down), pregnancy, menstruation, mental stress and cold stimulus . If urinalysis indicates urine protein, it is necessary to properly identify whether it is physiological matter not caused by a disease or the pathological matter associated with diseases.