Stool Test

In our stool test, stool occult blood test and egg inspection are performed.

Fecal occult blood test

It is a test to check if blood is mixed in the stool. If there is bleeding in digestive tract, blood will be mixed in the stool. The fecal occult blood test can detect bleeding that cannot be visually determined.

Purpose of fecal occult blood test

It is performed for early detection of colon cancer. Colon cancer has no particular symptom at its early stage, so it is important to undergo colon cancer screening even if you do not have any subjective symptoms.

Suspected conditions

Upper gastrointestinal tract: Esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, gastric ulcer, gingival bleeding, nose bleeding into the digestive tract.
Lower gastrointestinal tract: colon cancer, colon polyps, colitis, Crohn’s disease.

Pinworm egg inspection

Eggs of parasites including roundworm and pinworm are searched in stool with a microscope. You can be infected mainly by eating raw freshwater fish (including sweetfish and trout) and crabs which are parasitized with larvae. The larvae that have entered into a body grow and parasitize various organs, then the eggs are excreted with stool. Extra caution is needed when consuming raw seafood as well as freshwater fish.