What is Chest X-ray for?

CXR is an examination to examine the organs (mainly lungs, heart, and aorta) in the chest. If an abnormality is suspected by a chest X-ray examination, a detailed examination such as a chest CT examination, sputum examination (sputum, vomiting sputum), and tumor marker examination will be performed to check for lung cancer in detail.

* As chest CT examination cannot be performed at our center, we will introduce an external examination centre.

Conditions detected by CXR

CXR is used for diagnosing many lung lesions including lung cancer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, pleural effusion and pneumothorax.

Tuberculosis cases in Vietnam

According to the World TB Report 2018 (“The Global Tuberculosis Report 2018”), the number of new tuberculosis cases in Vietnam in 2017 is 124,000 and tuberculosis-related deaths are estimated to be 12,000. TB is still one of the illnesses that needs extra attention in Vietnam.